Saturday, June 29, 2013

Samosas with Aloo (potatoes), Green peas and Fulkopi (Cauliflower) stuffing – Evening Tea-time Snack

Think about the evening snack, the mind boggles, what to serve for the evening becomes the thought of the evening. There are readymade snacks at home, but something made in one’s kitchen is something very DIFFERENT – be it in taste and the love that has mixed with the care and efforts put in.

As there was cauliflower in the fridge, thought of using it for the samosas. And potatoes, a common stock in every household. If you don’t have any veggie, the potatoes can help make a dish – aloo bhate (boiled potatoes mashed) with that dribble of mustard oil and some chopped onion and salt, the aloo bhaja, of course the kurkure ones, I mean the crunchy ones, aloo posto, aloo-r dum, aloo-r chop, and I don’t have to go on. The kitchen master knows how to feed the people at home.

Making samosas at home gives the liberty to eat a good number of them without the thought of having the Gas Problem, that’s a common word you find Bengalis saying, “Gas hoyeche”, which very well means indigestion and that also means to pop in a Gelusil tablet to get rid of the gas.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Prawn Pulao/Pulao Chingri mach diye -- Robibarer Special

Talk of Robibar/Sunday and many a time on such weekend days there is some special non-veg item being cooked. There can be a weekend party, a small gathering of friends or relatives, and a special dish can satiate the taste buds. You need not be a gourmet cook to prepare a special dish. When it is special it sure will have a Special Effect. Some may agree and others may disagree, free to have your own perception. Speaking of Robibar you can also read my simple recipe of Robibarer Porota aar Aloo Tarkarir Jalkhabar – Sunday Breakfast with Paratha and Potato Curry, which I have posted earlier.

It is always nice to be in a conversational mood with my virtual friends. Friends from around the world can be at this spot at the click of a button. The virtual world makes a lot of difference to many people, including me. There are friends who like to connect through their e-mails, friends who love to visit my space, some may visit and enjoy the read quietly, and, others may dislike me. Others may like my Social networking page with my interactive posts on Facebook. Anyway, I call all of them my friends, maybe, we don’t know each other personally nor will ever get a chance of meeting. But that’s the way life is moving in this very wide world.

The Prawn Pulao is this Sunday Special and I’d love to share this recipe cooked in my kitchen. Everyone at home love prawns, even a plate of the prawn fry with some capsicum and onion finishes off within minutes of it being served. I had been thinking of this dish for some time and was waiting for the right size prawns, and then went into cooking it.

Fresh prawns take a lot of time in dressing and cleaning it. But, when at the back of the mind there’s a special dish waiting to be prepared, time goes off in this effort without a HUH! Or a WH(F)OO!